Analytics and Biometrics

Once the realm of science fiction and spy movies, Biometrics and Video analytics have become a reliable and affordable technology.

Enhanced capability of CCTV and Security systems can be unlocked with the simple addition of Biometric hardware and Video analytical systems. Cerberus has partnered with some of the leaders in the industry, enabling us to take your new or existing system to the next level.


Video Analytics

As the power of data processing grows, the ability for live and recorded video to be analysed and factored into operational decisions, continues to strengthen security operations. The wealth of data captured on a CCTV system enables identification of operational trends and patterns.

Let Cerberus show you how unleash the full potential of your systems.


Facial recognition, Finger print, IRIS, Retina and Voice recognition, Vein and Hand geometrics are a number of the various technologies available in the market today.

Each system has their own attributes in performance, reliability and costs. The expanding applications and system capabilities alone makes choosing the right technology and system a minefield.

Talk to us about how the right choice can tighten your security situation economically and efficiently.