CCTV Overview

Cerberus Technologies prides itself on providing latest CCTV technology solutions. From the design through to the post installation servicing, we deliver quality CCTV projects for every purpose, in any scale and environment.

In today’s business operations, CCTV continues to evolve as much more than just a security tool. Movement tracking and smart analytics, thermal indication, incident verification, metadata analysis and retrieval are software applications that expand the capability and power of your system, adding value to your investment.


There is no shortage of choice when it comes to Cameras and CCTV hardware. Cerberus has well established relationships with the major manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring access to the right hardware for your system. Whether it be a small camera covering your front yard, or an EX rated Dual lensed Thermal PTZ unit on a gas plant load facility, we can ensure the right hardware for your system.


The Video Management System (VMS) is essential to the operation and capability of your CCTV system. What are your requirements, not just now, but in the future? Is it stand alone or a global multi site system? Do you need mobile viewing, or an Operations Centre video wall? Having delivered projects from 1 to over 500 cameras, Cerberus has the knowledge and experience to ensure your VMS delivers what you need.


With the ever increasing reliability and capacity of Information Technology, migration from existing Analogue to Digital CCTV systems is not just attractive, but essential. The amount of options and capabilities of hardware and software requires a depth of knowledge to ensure your choices are sound. Cerberus has the experience to seamlessly guide you through the process with confidence and certainty. Confidence that your requirements and expectations will be met. Certainty that the options chosen are the right ones for your operations.


As the capacity of hardware increases, so does the ability to utilise, process, and present images and information. Facial recognition, activity alarm, object tracking are just a number of the ever increasing Analytics available today. Intellegent systems are here, let Cerberus introduce you to the full potential of CCTV analytics.


Licence plate recognition systems as the name suggests, enable the capture, recording and processing of a vehicles licence plate. The Cerberus team integrated this technology with one of our partners, HUB Parking, to develop a ticketless parking system that saved the client substantial operational costs. The technology can be employed in a mobile capacity by councils as a parking infringement tool, and by law enforcement in vehicle identification.

Video Wall