Critical Infrastructure

Water, Power, Transport are all assets critical to societies day to day operations. These assets require the correct protection and threat mitigation. Cerberus has extensive experience in delivering solutions to Ports, Roads, Water and Power facilities.



The importance of a reliable power supply to a modern economy and commerce can not be understated. The security of the supply, along with the protection from the dangers, demand a higher level of security and surveillance. The challenges the industry presents to achieve the required security levels, requires experience and knowledge. Cerberus possesses both.

Release of water at a dam wall.


Water is life, and our most precious commodity, and therefore the protection of our Water assets are essential. Cerberus has recently completed works for a WA Watercorp treatment plant in a remote region. Meeting the high standards demanded for these plants is what we do, delivering a seamless project and exceeding expectation is what we are good at.



Transport is a very broad field. Roads and tunnels, Rail corridors and yards, Airports both domestic and International. Each one presents their own challenges, statutory requirements and operational parameters. The team at Cerberus Technologies has delivered CCTV, Access control and Intrusion Detection Systems in all of these fields of Transport.

Camera Port


Cerberus’s first large scale project was the Security upgrade of Dampier Port Authority in the Pilbara region of WA. Having had years of experience with the Australian Customs CCTV project, Cerberus delivered an integrated CCTV and Access system to meet the Ports Operational and MSIC requirements. The systems are tested in cyclone exposed marine environment and continue to meet operational requirements. Cerberus continues to deliver great results to Port operators.