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Flexibility, reliability and ease of operation are key to a modern business. Integrating systems with staff management, point of sale and video analytics, makes your CCTV and Alarm system, much more than just a security device.

Cerberus can show you how to improve your protection and sale conversions through the utilisation of valuable data your business is already gathering. Let us unlock your full retail potential.



Warehouses and workshops house substantial material investment. Whilst insurance may replace items, nothing can regain the time lost, the disruption to work and the potential damage to reputation and customer confidence. Cerberus can ensure your investments security.

Inventory management, item tracking, are just a number of systems you may already employ, let us show you how an integrated platform can streamline your procedures, increase your efficiencies, and secure your stock.

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High End Solutions

If your occupation raises the risk and threat level to your family and property, Cerberus Technologies has the expertise to remove or reduce that risk profile. Technology in residential, vehicle and personal security is constantly evolving, Cerberus prides itself on the relationships it’s built with the Industry product leaders to keep up to date with new technology.

This enables us to source the right protection for your situation.