The Cerberus team has been installing systems in the Resource sector for over 10 years. We know the conditions, the environment, and the procedures, to deliver successful projects safely. The right planning, equipment and delivery team are essential to delivering quality solutions that reduce downtime and servicing costs to your operations. Experienced in:

  • Process CCTV, Systems Interfaces from Pit to Port
  • Security CCTV/Access Control
  • On-boarding Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Vehicle/Personnel Tracking
  • Mobile deployment
  • Communications

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas sector has unique challenges. The harsh environment, extensive safety procedures, EX rated equipment, all contribute to the additional skill set and knowledge required in the Oil and Gas industry. Having delivered security, CCTV and other systems to the industry, Cerberus has the experience and skill set to meet the challenges.