Consulting Services

At Cerberus our advice is based on 3 things, our experience, our knowledge, and whats right for the client. When we give advice, you can be sure it is backed by our integrity



Regulations and their statutory bodies are a part of every day life. New and existing technology is no exception. What are the regulations? Are your systems compliant? Have you made allowances in your planning?

The corporate landscape is littered with examples of non compliant companies oblivious to the rules they are breaking and the consequences.

Risk Assessment and Management

In order to protect and plan against a threat, it has to be identified. This serves not only to mitigate the risk and threat, but to ensure that resources are effectively deployed, saving your organisation money.


What is your current position? What assets does your organisation possess? Are they effectively deployed? Cerberus can shed light upon your situation.


Cerberus has experience in mapping out the path from your current situation, to where you want to be. Let us quantify, stage and manifest your ideas and requirements.


A security plan is essential in todays operational environment. A critical component is the response. Cerberus can develop plans, crisis management and respone, and importantly measure their effectiveness.