Design Overview

The correct design is essential in achieving the desired outcome. Your ideas, identifying requirements present and future, choice of technologies are elements of a projects inception. The consequence of not getting these elements right, can mean the difference between meeting budget or expensive variations and additions.


CCTV hardware and software has come along way in recent years. The challenges facing any design, whether it be a new system or a digital upgrade, remain the same, how do we get the image you want, where you want it. Let Cerberus show you how, efficiently, economically and reliably.

Security/Access Control

What are you protecting? What control and Access do you need to give your personnel? What are your major risks? No system should be designed until these 3 essential questions are answered.

We ask the right questions, to ensure right answer for your Security.


Communication is as old a man himself, how we communicate has evolved at an astounding rate. Cerberus can show you how your Communications system can securely, efficiently and economically get your information where and how it needs to be.